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Our ingredients are certified USDA organic

  • NO Artificial Flavors
  • NO Hormones
  • NO Dyes
  • NO Toxic Chemicals
  • NO Pesticides
  • NO Fillers
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO By-Products
  • NO Wheat
  • NO Antibiotics
  • NO Corn
  • NO Additives

We locally sourced our ingredients
and only Organic human-grade food.
This is people food for your pets.
Your fur baby will thrive!

Why Organic Treats?


There are a number of reasons why I opt to feed my fur babies organic treats, with one of the top reasons being that there is no doubt that organic treats are more beneficial and healthier than traditional dog treats.

My experience with conventional pet treats has not been favorable. Most popular treats include stabilizers, preservatives and other additives which can be toxic, resulting in allergies, digestive distress, hair loss, lethargy, congestion, moodiness, skin rashes, itching, dental problems, ear infections, and vision difficulties.
These are just some of the symptoms our fur babies
suffer throughout feeding them conventional treats.

Our Happy Customers

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“Ready for my Nieci’s
Green Bites Treats!”


Walley & Snickers loves Nieci’s Green Bites


“Meow Meow! Lacy loves Nieci’s Meow Delight treats!”


“Every treat is definitely made with love! I will be suggesting to all my fellow pet parents these amazing treats!
Thanks Nieci!”

Support your local Animal Shelters


Their lives are in our hands “DONATE” to Fotas friends of the animal shelter making a difference.

The homeless animals at the SPCA Albrecht Center thank you for helping save their livesby purchasing a bag of Nieci’s Green Bites. Let Love Live!

For every purchase of our Pep-R-Mint Horse Treats, a donation will be made to Aiken Equine Rescue.