Shipping & Returns


Treat Protection – All treats are vacuum packaged to prevent moisture vapor,

keeping the moisture in the package within acceptable limits. We use food grade barrier bags to extend the shelf life of the treats without preservatives to protect the treats from contaminants.


Shipping and handling charges on all orders vary, depend on shipping location contact Nieci’s Green Bites LLC for our most current and competitive rates, options and shipping specials. For the Customer’s protection, we ship only to the verified billing address of the Customer’s credit card.


Return Policy

  • Nieci’s Green Bites LLC. Does not offers a return policy.

  • Please call 803-522-3349 or e-mail to return merchandise. NO returns of any type will be accepted without an original UPC code number.  Please have the following information on hand when calling: customer name, invoice number, nature of the problem.

  • All products returned MUST: be 100 percent complete, contain ALL original treats and packing materials, have original UPC codes on the treat bags.

  • You are responsible for shipping charges on returned items; Nieci’s Green Bites LLC. will match your shipping method on your replacement or exchange item(s).

  • Nieci’s Green Bites LLC. strongly recommends you fully insure your return shipment in case it is lost or damaged. and you use a carrier that can provide you with proof of delivery for your protection.

  • Damaged merchandise or treats. If you do not notify Nieci’s Green Bites LLC. of damaged goods within 24 hours of arrival, our regular return policy will override any claim of damage.

  • Customers are responsible for all shipping charges back to Nieci’s Green Bites LLC. on returned items, and Nieci’s Green Bites LLC. will pay the shipping charges on the replacement or exchange item(s) going back.


Credit card charges are processed online after ordering the products and/or services. 

All sales are final. Please contact us regarding a problem or issue with your order or shipment, there are no returns. 

Orders are not binding upon Nieci’s Green Bites LLC. until accepted by Nieci’s Green Bites LLC. Terms of payment are within Nieci’s Green Bites LLC sole discretion. Payment are due upon placing orders, Invoices are due and payable within 30-day time period noted on the invoice. The Customer is responsible for invoice other taxes associated with the order.

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